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"State of the Art 2019"

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June 28-Aug.9, 2019


Friday, June 28, 2019 7-9PM


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About the Artist

Marisol Ross grew up in the Bronx and went to college in New York City.  I was a vendor at Yankee Stadium as a teenager and into college. (Best job ever!)  My work is in private collections across the United States and I have been featured in  400 Polymer Clay Designs; a collection of dynamic and colorful contemporary work- published by Lark Books, 2004.
I am currently working in the Fine Arts Department at the County College of Morris while creating new pieces for solo exhibitions.


Artist Statement

My love of baseball began with my grandmother taking me on the train to Yankees games when I was very young, too young to appreciate even. After a while, I was hooked, kept score and drew pencil portraits to pass the time in winter. I had my favorites autographed and met many baseball heroes.

My aim is to create a series of art that when grouped together would give the sense of being at the stadium viewing a live game. Subjects include vendors and infamous fans in addition to players. I choose genuine, joyful baseball moments. Baseball fans will recognize and remember the captured feelings of these moments.

Non baseball fans can appreciate a trip deeper into a world they don’t know. My use of Polymer Clay helps to create a rich, three dimensional and painterly effect. I can put in sand, glass as I shape and layer the clay to help animate the narrative of each piece. It also allows for great variety in size and detail.